Buick Berle Show, September, 1954

A wonderful look at American TV and Buick commercials from 1954. This show features many performers who did very well, career wise, in the years that would follow.

Here is "Uncle Miltie" having fun with Mickey Rooney. The jokes are a bit more from comedy writers than just ad lib, but there is plenty of on the spot comedy thrown in.

There is a filmed ambulance ride that is used to good advantage. Also watch for The Herb Ross Dancers. Herbert Ross would become a very successful choreographer and later director of such movies as Funny Girl and Pennies From Heaven and The Sunshine Boys. I did get to know Herb Ross when I worked as a Hollywood movie extra. I worked in three of his productions. I was in the diner scene of Pennies From Heaven and I also worked in Protocol and Max Dugan Returns. Herb was always very pleasant to me. He and I had a wonderful conversation about how good the chili was that was served on the set of Max Dugan on a very cold night for California.

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Texaco Star Theater

First Page of Texaco Star Theater

Second Page of Texaco Star Theater

Fourth Page of Texaco Star Theater

Radio Page of Texaco Star Theater

I have no connection with Texaco or the producers or actors of this show.

This is a public domain TV broadcast of the Buick Berle Show. Watch for Jack Lescoulie as he does the live Buick commercials. Jack was a popular announcer who appeared as a regular on the early TV broadcasts of The Today Show. Also on this broadcast we see a young Nancy Walker.

This episode of Milton's popular show has a plot involving Milton breaking his leg. This is obviously a spoof of Jackie Gleason's famous TV show where he actually broke his leg on live TV.

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